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Photography with for occations 

1)  5  photos, digital delivery:   26.500 IKR         

2) 10 photos, digital delivery:   30.500 IKR   

3) 15 photos, digital delivery:   37.500 IKR         

Passport photos

4)  4 photos, on paper and digital:  4.900 IKR  


Wedding photography


6) Photography, indoor and outdoor; 1 hour:  88.500 IKR

7) Photography, indoor and outdoor 

    + ceremony; 3 hours:  113.500 IKR

8) Photography, indoor and outdoor,  

    + ceremony + party; 6 hours:  148.500 IKR

9) Photography, whole day; 8 hours:   187.000 IKR

Various photography service

10)  Photography on musical events 

11)  Fashion and product photography


12)  Photography for ads and websites

13)  Repair work on old photos 

Right is reserved to changes and corrections of errors in the price list


Delivering of photos

Changing or providing any third party is not allowed without permission from Studio Mynd, see photography law

All images are supplied on digital form 

Albums cost extra

Contact us and get good price

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